Name Bubbly Boo
Also known as Bubbles, Bubbs
Age 3
Gender Female
Species Furson
Friends Pesto, Sweetie, Rock, Teddy, Block, Dust (sometimes)
Enemies Unknown
Skills Bubble blowing, having fun


Bubbles is tiny, pale blue, and has curly hair covered in soap all the time. Her eyes are sparkly blue.


She loves bubble baths and blowing bubbles. She is very fun loving and loves to play and laugh, often reminding her older friends to let loose and have fun every once in a while, showing she is easygoing. She is very adorable and cute.

She is quite smart for her age, being more aware of the world than her friend Pesto. However, she still has some naivety. She also is an optimist, which makes her a good leader among her friends.

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