Name Dust Buster
Also known as Dust
Age 8
Gender Male
Species Furdog
Friends Blocklin (owner), Teddy, Rock (sometimes) Sweetie, Bubbles (sort of) Pesto (a bit) Mr. TuffyBuns
Enemies Ja Ne, Rock (at times) Bubbles (lighthearted, not really enemies)
Skills Size shifting, combat, heightened sense of smell


Dust is a furdog (a furson version of a dog) with light grey fur. He can change size to be really big, really small, or anywhere in between. He has little black eyes and curved ears and a tail.


Dust is very loyal to his owner Block and is trained to be mad at whoever she's currently mad at. He is wary of strangers and has a tendency to bark angrily at others. He is also her battle steed, and often partners up with Block in combat. He is very strong when big, but uses his tiny appearance to catch enemies off guard.

Dust has trouble warming up to people and is distrusting of most people. A few exceptions are Teddy and Mr. TuffyBuns, both of whom Block has known for years. Dust has a lighthearted rivalry with Bubbles, since he sometimes tends to glare at her, although it is onesided on Dust's side. He also finds Pesto weird, but doesn't hate him. His opinion on Rock always mirrors Block's opinion. Even once Block stops being mad at someone, it takes Dust a little more time.

Dust is friendly towards Block and they are practically best buds.

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