Name Mr. TuffyBuns
Also known as Uncle Tuffs (by young Blocklin)
Age 30s
Gender Male
Species Human
Friends Blocklin (treats her like his niece) Cheer (comrade)
Enemies None
Skills Strength, agility, baking, rapping


He is a bald muscular man who looks Asian. He wears a white singlet, blue ripped shorts. He normally has either a friendly or tough expression. He has light brown skin.


When training Blocklin, he acts tough and menacing to play the role of the villain, to get the best reactions out of her. They often spar together, and are an equal match in strength. However, Mr. TuffyBuns will never hurt anyone in a real situation (ie. not in training) because he is, in reality, very nice.

His true personality is that of a cinnamon roll; sensitive, kind hearted, and caring. He will cry if hurt unexpectedly, especially by those he cares about, such as Blocklin. He also knows how to bake cookies which can magically heal someone and make them feel better, however he is shy about showing this talent.

When Blocklin was a kid, he taught her basic moves in the style of a rap from Parappa, as well as teaching her about self defense. He views her as his niece while she affectionately calls him "Uncle Tuffs".

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