Name Pesto
Also known as Pesto Besto
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Friends Teddy, Rock, Sweetie, Bubbles, Block
Enemies None
Abilities Pilot
Species Furson


Pesto is a small furson with yellow-green/light green fur, small ears that stick up, a large nose, a furry small red moustache, big cartoon eyes, a scruffy tail, and wears a red jacket with yellow fastenings that resemble macaroni. His hands are not fuzzy like the other fursons.


Pesto is a bouncy, energetic, and childlike character. However, his age is unknown, due to the mixture of his childlike personality and high pitched voice, along with his moustache and pilot's liscense. Pesto himself doesn't even know his own age, showing he is very forgetful and scatterbrained.

Despite his tendency to forget things quickly and easily, he is very friendly and loves playing with his friends, even trying to get their attention when they're busy with more important things. He is very bad at keeping secrets. He also loves pesto pasta and constantly loves saying "Pesto is de besto!" or simply repeating the word "pesto" over and over. His voice sounds like Mario but slightly higher pitched.

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