Name Theodore Gringras
Also known as Teddy
Age 17
Gender Male
Species Furson
Friends Happie (close friend) Blocklin (love interest) Sweetie, Rock, Pesto, Bubbles
Enemies None
Abilities/Skills Can speak fluent Greek


Teddy is a gentle and mild mannered soul who wouldn't hurt a fly. He loves nature and spends most of his time sitting in Furson Garden, and is actually afraid to leave the garden. He is a quiet and timid individual who worries for the safety of others, especially Blocklin, who he has a crush on.

Teddy is a very kind hearted and sweet guy who wants nothing more than to see everyone getting along. He sees the good in everybody, even those most people find unlikable. He is not scared of Blocklin, even during her scariest moments, and people often go to him for a comforting hug. Teddy is a very honest person who will not shy away from telling the truth, even if it's his deepest feelings.

Teddy used to hang out with Blocklin all the time as kids. He misses seeing Block as much as he used to but supports her with her training like a good supportive friend. He believes in dreams and following said dreams; his own dream is to bring peace to the universe. He has no idea how he's going to help, as he is also humble.

His close friend is Happie, whom he has conversations in Greek with. He also feels upset whenever one of his friends of his love interest is upset, but never blames anyone for anything. In the Furson comic page 3, Teddy refuses to believe that either Sweetie or Rock are the cause of Block's anger.

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